Flight Attendant

Institution:International Institute of Travel
Program website:http://www.iitravel.com/fad.html
Faculty:IIT Diploma Programmes
Program length:varies
Delivery method:Classroom
Full-time / Part-timeFlexible
Apprencticeship / co-op option:No

Starting a career as a flight attendant requires a personal commitment and dedication to perfection. It also requires patience as well as maturity and sensitivity. The International Institute of Travel offers a Diploma programme which helps you achieve your goal of becoming a flight attendant. This course is designed to prepare you as a flight attendant using an international concept. Please note that this course is not intended to replace the airline's mandatory training regulated by the Canadian Ministry of Transport. A flight attendant career has many benefits, such as flexible days off and airline passes. It also provides a lifestyle unique to no other job - London, England one week, New York the next! Our Flight Attendant training covers the following: Airline Terminology - Passenger Handling - Aircraft Types - Airline Regulations - World Tourist Destinations - Flight Procedures - Types of Emergencies - Emergency Equipment - First Aid

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